Labeled goods management

TietoEvry offers solutions and services for the automation of labeled goods management processes for retailers, distributors, manufacturers and importers.
LABELLING REQUIREMENTS under the "Honest Sign" program
In 2018 the experiment on marking shoe products with Data Matrix codes was launched. From July 1, 2020 marking of footwear will be mandatory, in addition to footwear already marked tobacco products. Starting from 2021, the mandatory marking of light industry products, perfume, car tires will be started. The marking system will help protect the public from counterfeiting and promptly withdraw counterfeit goods from goods circulation.
To accomplish this task, a federal state information system "Honest Sign" has been developed, which requires the involvement of all subjects of circulation of labeled goods: manufacturers, importers, wholesale and retail trade organizations, medical organizations. It is expected that by 2024 a continuous system of marking and traceability will be created, which will include a wide list of goods from groceries to heavy industry.
Complete solution for labeled goods management and traceability
TietoEvry offers a complex approach to solving problems of product labeling and traceability. TST (Tieto Solution for Traceability) covers all marking processes - from GTIN registration to product disposal and reporting to «Honest Sign» systems, including the necessary integration with government systems and clients information systems.
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Solution features
A complex and agile approach to automation
Ability to choose a platform for implementing the solution. It can be a solution based on SAP ERP, SAP Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Tieto Cloud.
Support for integration with the CRPT system (GIS MT, OMS, National Catalog), GS1 systems and enterprise accounting systems (ERP, WMS, POS).
Mobile application
Ability to develop a mobile application for operations with labeled goods in warehouses or stores. It can be a native Android application or a universal Web application.

We automate all the necessary business processes of the company involved in the labeling. In addition to the basic processes (receipt, shipment, aggregation, etc.), we are also able to develop and implement unique company processes
As part of the solution, the necessary reports are developed to track the movement of labelled goods with the ability to introduce additional analytics.
TietoEvry offers a 24/7 solution support to support business continuity.
Why TietoEVRY?

TietoEvry has many years of project experience in integrating with government systems. During our project work, we have accumulated in-depth expertise in terms of processes in trade companies, especially in terms of business processes in logistics (storage, transportation, purchasing, sales, etc.), which are associated with the turnover of labeled products. We understand the specific approach to integration projects with government systems/regulator, as well as the importance of supporting and further developing such projects.

TietoEvry is the largest Scandinavian IT company with an annual turnover of more than 2.5 billion euros. The company provides a wide range of IT services, software development for private and public organizations. TietoEvry has been operating in more than 90 countries for over 50 years. In 2018 the company was included in the list of TOP 100 global technology leaders by Thomson Reuters.

Customer support is one of the key areas of our company. We have many years of experience in providing services, both technical support and maintenance, as well as infrastructure support. The specialists of our Service Desk division process dozens of questions around the clock to support and develop systems and solutions.
Additional services and facilities
We also provide separate services and consulting services for the solution of goods labelling.
Selecting an EDI operator
EDI operators have various solutions and approaches to processes, therefore the choice of the EDI operator influences on application of various schemes of work with a draft of electronic documents, scope and complexity of the solution, technical questions of integration, functionality and convenience of work with electronic documents, scenarios of interaction with the EDI operator.
Technical support
The service of developed functionality support is provided as a separate service, including support of solution technology stack and platform. As an example, it can be database or Microsoft Azure platform support, AWS or vendor solutions - SAP, Microsoft, etc. Technical support of the solution is possible in 24/7 mode.
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